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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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i don't really care there anymore, and they say give us your freedom so we can protect you. that's our show. see you next >> it tonight my money and your money it has to be the root of nonsense says a treasury department suffer is a self-inflicted maliki and is because there is the shortage of of the currency. my daughter became intrigued by paper bill sky-high she would count and stack it up in one day she asked me why aren't there any girls? i said because americans
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hate women and. i told her to get a scholarship to ucla and become president maybe she could be the first name on the dollar now secretary lou want to put estrogens down our throats to have the dead democratic woman on the bill just because to marco women's 100 the right to vote anniversary but to make a statement of who we are and what we stand for as a nation. so now you will buy your way out by slapping these arbitrary patriot for your quota? we have already seen people susan b. anthony and sacajawea were tokens on the $1 coin why not switched to the all korean currency?
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my uterus will my stand by from a flaccid olive branch it will take more than half parted gestures to bridge any divide provide a 90 self-respect seeing freedom loving woman who wants to stand up as a token. so then put lipstick on a dress and tell you come up with a new plan. tonight of the show we will unload on rich people your eye from could be foldable to they have to attack about the danger you are in a senator rand paul will tell us if it is of a good idea.
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we'll come. i am kennedy. kennedy: much opposition it is fun to do talk about who deserves a place on the greenback we have melissa frances you can see her every day at 4:00 p.m. we also have a philanthropist and a dollar. >> and philanthropy a is a passion of mine. >> melissa frances like you have never seen her food we want to see on the $10 bill but first what incredible
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strides are the struggles finally over? >> i'd like alexander hamilton and. he is the father of the of monetary system treasury secretary he has the right to be on the bill. >> i know what he did to of than dash anybody i don't mind sandra day o'connor. >> first of all, alexander hamilton but. [laughter] i would like to see rachel dolezal. [laughter] >> whenever a woman we put on there will be awkward if you have to tip a stripper. >> all you do a shower with
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there with $1 bills. >> this does not affect my life style. >> bedded is necessary it is nice that women can feel good about themselves. kennedy: i think the government will feel better about itself with barack about men and hillary clinton have said they just give them the token ted dollars then they can be good. >> they say harriet tubman. >> she was the tiny black woman there was a lot that she gave i am not afraid. >> that is a fact so to be a celebrating womanhood it is
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a ridiculous way to do with it. >> it is ridiculous it does feel like a token to we have other problems? suze said there is other stuff to be focusing on this is what he wants to talk about what about flooding the world with our dollars to devalue currency? monetary policy is out of control. >> nobody gives a [bleep] they want more money. kennedy: is a choice between nasdaq i will go with that too rich people and their generosity. >> it is ridiculous that anybody thinks that rich people care about other people. [laughter] is as simple as that is out
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of great concern for the masses. >> it appeals to as much as the hollywood liberals says the koch brothers? backhouse . >> i don't think the conservatives will do that. >> shots fired. >> with that incredibly hypocritical? obviously he does not notice that when he talks about them but if you need to fill it with money with the rich white liberal friends can do just that. >> that was etui to.
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[laughter] he was on my comedy central report. >> keep doing what you we're doing. kennedy: what is the logical extension? does he think for people care about other people? rich people don't then we take the money out of the system like a campaign donation? >> there are a number of problems that necessarily inherently to be rich means to not care about other people. can i run down a list of what the code brothers have done giving to the sloan-kettering cancer center, 100 billion to the presbyterian hospital hospital, 20 million to johns hopkins, a 57 million to support cancer research at sloan-kettering as well and 10 million justified food allergies, 65 million
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-- 100 million to the american ballet theater i don't want to hear him talk about how the koch brothers are not doing anything but give their money to elections where people are doing the exact same thing on the left. >> he didn't mean they don't care about poor people but you don't care once i riches of date for the community. [laughter] >> key names everything after himself if you need after him he will give you $10 million. >> i agree trump only does the presidential to do a quick buzz for the "celebrity apprentice" like caitlin jenner wide is stepping up. kennedy: trans gender or run for president.
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>> to be the unknowing other rich people i would not even wear pants. [laughter] kennedy: i love that kind of wealth i have billions of dollars. >> it is the only candidate that was thrilled to reveal his ideas is the first in your time says exaggerated the finance is going into the election. [laughter] kennedy: he is totally operational that is what people said before the al they tried to play down what they have? you know, who is a hero? george jefferson i s buyer to become. the panel will return to put their spin on the most unbelievable news. rachel dolezal the gift that keeps hour and giving and
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♪ the latest twist in the rachel dolezal show is a
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claim by the end to racism activist that rachel dolezal was a part-time professor eastern washington univ. she tried to block him from speaking there because in her estimation white folks cannot speak with legitimacy to the issues of racism. >> she did not say that. >> that is what she said the apparently. i can see you chomping at the bit. >> she believes that so much she was willing to do transform herself to be black so she can talk about racism. she is completely convinced. kennedy: is she right? >> they can talk about whatever they want to talk about in the country. [laughter] >> is that hypocritical? >> first of all, what about at howard university when
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she was white? >> she did not get a scholarship to be black but she is trying to become a victim. >> the nonsense about the birth certificate but she also said latinos and latinas should not participate in the black lives matter movement. [laughter] >> can we all agree we can kill this woman. >> we have to kill her. [laughter] >> i am is socially. -- i mean socially. >> i talk about breaking that i try to keep it simple. she is clearly psychotic. white people want to the black day by air jordans they don't change their hair.
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kennedy: melissa is one of them. >> he thinks she is crazy but she is crazy like of fox she changes her hair and skin color the benefits she changes to go to howard to get a scholarship then she changes back. >> she has kids. >> gore did she have adopted stepbrothers? >>. >> how long will she really make money? with a reality show for one season or two? >> i think is the national outrages to the point where the talk shows have her on
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as a free show because she keeps delivering and there is more information it with people who have interfaced with her like the naacp and at the university that she taught at spokane. >> is 58 minutes of fame she will write that out. it is like the homeless do. wuzzy the voice of kraft macaroni and cheese? >> it is pretty ironic if you are homeless. >> but kraft macaroni and cheese is now artificially colored. >> there you go. it sounds like rachel dolezal and is the of medication that white people take to be blacked. >> makes serious tell your
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doctor. [laughter] we have a lot to do discuss the first details on your phone are safe? think again.
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kennedy: if you use a day's march from there is private -- a chance your privacy is a risk there is serious security issues that could expose hundreds of millions of apple and samsung users.
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hackers could remotely access your camera to spy on you and steal your pictures listen on a microphone to read your text will the apple breach has bogus apps to allow crux to get your bank details and pictures and passwords i have a factor here and he can explain what we can do to protect ourselves believe me he is giving me a pat down. hour you -- how are you? >> you are so dramatic. >> let's talk about this. let's take samsung first. what can people do? >> we will make sure we are crystal clear to get their
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refund it is an easy fix as well but hackers have figured out a way, actually it was researchers to access the new six and the us for that they have vowed now they figured out how to go through the keyboard when it tries to communicate to the server it is not anchored did so hackers use that to access to send malicious code to the phone. >> you have militias codon your phone right now. if you have a samsung phone every time you download a nap -- the app.
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>> i just got the max baucus and relevant. >> it is on its way. it to talk to and a half years. >> what is the problem with apple? >> you should not be as sorry as samsung gore and tried apple is very good to make sure you cannot download malicious code. what these researchers have done is your password key. if you have your user name and password they can send it to your phone but they found a way to attack the case -- the key chain you cannot access those user names and passwords.
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this is what i recommend. don't use the key chain. >> we have other factory to discuss. reporting security issues that they are vulnerable not even in the of good ones and the protection in san the devices are slim at best. the answer is yes. >> it is going on for a long time it is not new news but it has been talked about for years. how do you think obama '01 reelection? people like me. you can hack that what does that mean? >> not saying that we have that but what i am saying is
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hacking voting machines have to go for so long. >> that is not tough to do. they don't test for devices look at health care even to the pact by the chinese. it is like then hanging chad. coming up next you never know if the camera on the baseball game will catch you. next.
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows]
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[horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig kennedy: is a delightful summer rainstorm that can only come from one place it is the "topical storm".
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number one arnold schwarzenegger may have been the worst governor in california modern history which is generous that is why maybe he has gone back to acting he is ready to be loved as a politician as a celebrity so he made very to scare the tourist. ♪ [laughter] >> what's the matter? >> don't touch me. [laughter] kennedy: that is funny. here is just pretending.
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that joy almost covers your political failures. almost i hope you never come back to politics. number two. it is hard not to look cool driving down the road in a ferrari. of less you are this guy. [laughter] kennedy: it seems he was out for a drive with a $400,000 ferrari. number three you know, how
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much i love cats loyal and wonderful. nevermind that is darks here is a cat her name is matilda has a genetic i a disorder they say she is blind but obviously they can clearly infiltrate with tracking devices to make her seem cuddly but we know that is as deadly policy. >> they turned on as. number four every month you have the 50 minutes of fame some people get five seconds before one man he realized a live newscast was happening
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nearbys and he sprinted out the door for the photo bomb. did he make it? [laughter] kennedy: he did it. is top notch. instead of filming tv may be set up the ndp our to freeze frame that maybe our kids of not act like lunatics i celebrate the of the audubon. number five. it was raining cats and dogs as the international was playing the race and obama tried to put himself into
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the poncho but it was so entertaining. >> he is having a scuffle. wearing is the head? where is the whole? that is tricky. where is the arm? kennedy: i love your stories. #"topical storm" you may see it right here. find me on twitter @kennedy nation. the panel will return taking breaks every half hour so the millennial players can check social media but you may be able to get of
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kennedy: gore your pizza is free that made domino's a household name now amazon is primed to make its own a 30 minutes or less pleded is determined to get your items delivered to your doorstep through small electric powered drums it is asking congress and the faa to speed of the process to approve commercial drone use. my panel is back. i know that you hate drones. >> no. >> does that apply to amazon? [laughter] >> no.
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i love them we have several in my house there very dangerous but who cares. i have amazon now that is the app in this city to bring it to you in an hour what is the hardest thing? i love the idea i will show it to after the us show it is fabulous it is just a power trip that thing rocketing to me is a fantastic. >> what is the first you would have delivered? >> marijuana. >> what? [laughter] >> from colorado. [laughter] >> they are dangerous i don't trust them to navigate kennedy: new york city? had notified trust everything can they commute?
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>> why not? >> i could see you hanging on. >> i don't know. is kind of awesome. >> if you have a delivery person where the tip is included. >> there is a lot of things that our enticing but don't thank you will save money they will charge you for that. >> data think it is necessarily designed for those on a limited budget it is an indulgence if you cannot afford to the super yacht. >> it is time we take the delivery boys down a notch. they are getting cocky. with their attitude trying to make a living? taking that immigrants jobs the way it ought to me.
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>> wow. kennedy: how to reshape the franchise in the attempt to keep the organization millenials they add the 38 minute break so players can grab the phone to get your fix. are we pandering as it is back on sari, of what? >> for my generation we need our phones i like it better than people. >> did you put it into a bag of rice? >> i did not think of that. >> it was food?
8:42 am
>> i would rather lose a loved one. [laughter] >> this reinforces the of stereotyping. >> if they do with it than they win everybody does it. so it comes down to a record i don't think it will work i'll think vince lombardi would given his time. >> none of the big coaches of the world. >> they don't let you talk to your wife. kennedy: it is groundbreaking. >> i think he just wants a break from them is that when you indulge your kids? please. i need a moment to myself. that is my theory it isn't like you are with the patriots. >> but sometimes i respect the no yelling policy but i
8:43 am
don't thank you go ahead and tweet. >> that was going to say i am shocked. >> remember he could not coached them. >> on and talking specifically about kobe bryant. >> in the wake of'' -- high profile prison break to implant gps device is to attract dangerous convicts what if someone has done the time? how would you feel about this? >> it will be very unpopular i feet you should if you have violated somebody else's rights to hurt that you have given up your own rights. kennedy: what about castration? >> yes. >> you can take it that far or just track them as they
8:44 am
break out of prison. >> do i really want to know that michael veeck is that the westminster dog show? >> that is cool. [laughter] seventy start with murderers and rapists. >> i think castration is a good idea if they are a rapist. >> is said the real problem that they are in bad shape. >> you leave the office? -- the outfit? to make the infrastructure i.c.h. ship them if you kill somebody. >> i agree if you say i cannot help that i say if i. castrate in a dutch ship --
8:45 am
and ship. >> take a flight to beijing. >> they will figure out where it goes. >> ever-present arno's that then do with it twice. one said the moneymaker the other in the brain. [laughter] >> i know what you are talking about. [laughter] there are other locations. [laughter] kennedy: thank-you to the panel to be here. we have wonderful chemistry now you are a part of it. >> senator rand paul introduces all pilots
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kennedy:. >> we allow pilots to have weapons in the cockpit but the government has discouraged that but as i me pilots they say as we're waiting for the plane they like to have a gun in the cockpit but the government has made almost impossible. kennedy: why would you want to make flying safer? that was rand paul to make the case for new legislation to make farming privates on commercial flights much easier my guest is a former private my guess of him all of the job thinks this is a great idea. retired pilot, 28 years
8:50 am
airline veteran who used to fly president obama and is now an aviation expert. great to have you back not only are you a story pilot with an incredible career you have seen alien spacecraft and you believe in ufos i like that. how do pilots feel about being formed to? to smooth that process so they could be trained and eventually armed? >> for the most part they want to be armed. with so last line of defense you cannot count on the tsa to keep the guns and bombs off but. >> are they standing in the way? they have not been cooperative. >> has gotten a little bit better of a the but it has been a battle of just about from the beginning. >> if you saw in alien would you shoot it?
8:51 am
>> no. >> can fly attendants also? >> just pilots. >> because we're in the cockpit. >> but they deal with the rabble-rousers'. >> that is different you don't want to have people running around in the cabin with guns. kennedy: air marshals crack. >> there are hidden nobody knows who they are. sole did you carry a weapon to protect yourself from president obama when he was a candidate? >> i did not they would not allow me to is. >> because they want to control every aspect? >> we had to go through a background check. >> davidians could reach us by now if they were evil wouldn't they have already destroyed us? >> i think they would have
8:52 am
that's why we don't want to pulled guns on them or possess them off. >> imagine the technology they have if they can traverse light years and wormholes stomach they could wish us a way to use their mental powers they have not done that yet which gives me great hope for humanity. how does senator calls legislation make it easier to give them their own sense of safety? >> there is a bill to further funds the federal flight deck officer programs directed has received no additional funding since it started a gutted million dollars in 2003 than 23 million every year since they have tried to cut it several times in fact, president obama most recent budget he tried to complete the eliminate it.
8:53 am
>> the program that tsa uses is very ineffective they get more and more money explain how that works. >> it doesn't. they have marginally trained some agents to examine or carefully looked at some of the passengers coming through security to see if they might be a threat to interview them that if they exhibit certain signs of being a terrorist they look further but some of those are nervousness but a lot of people are nervous to fly and to catch people that has nothing to do with to be terrorist they have cut illegal aliens are drugs but no terrorist but not at extraterrestrials. kennedy: please come back to keep us informed i adore everything about you. coming up the were mailed.
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for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> if you were a mailman i would bite your ankles. let's start with those are curious about mtv. >> what made you go from v-j to host i love the show. >> i love politics in equal measure as music when i was a teenager then music came second. >> not sure what happened but i hated you on mtv how did you get into politics i am now a big fan you are smart and have a great
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knowledge i did not expect that from your mtv background. >> node you were male is complete. thank you very much but this time it is sent me. >> for me decision in 2016 is as easy as abc anybody but clinton i usually vote democrat. >> you are not alone. >> compared to hillary clinton donald trump is the most serious presidential candidate on the planet. but let's talk about me. >> @kennedy nation is one of the most annoying self-employed and people i have ever heard. >> you are out of place on fox you do not belong there is a scene of the anchors you are one of the worst
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your answers are weird and of subject you cannot answer a direct question please seek employment elsewhere. >> i will go work where you work we can both service the sailors at the pierre. >> i first saw your shepherd smith it was love at first sight you were beautiful beyond hot and funny i now watch you instead of for riley -- already john stossel stopped by to talk about his special and those that think he is the conspiracy he says fidel castro in his video looked like santa claus you never see them in the same place. thank you for watching the show.
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i will talk to you again on monday for you can always find me on social media @kennedy nation on twitter and instagram. >> we're told that science creates monsters. >> man eating tomatoes. >> the leading fight against gmos. >> which brings this question from actors. >> how dopped do you think we are? . john: very. and so is your ex. >> antifreeze needs to be removed immediately. >> the good thing about scientists is it's true whether or not you believe in it. john: but what is true? i'm told men ask women are exactly equal. >> i'm a


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